Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers

The people who drink heavy outlive non drinkers according to a new study.

A study found in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research s has found that not only do people who abstain from alcohol have a greater mortality rate than people who moderately drink, they even have a higher mortality rate than people who drink heavily!

The study is shocking as it shows that drinking some beer will actually lead to living a longer life. Which is good because drinking beer can also increase the quality of your life if you drink moderately.

The Beer Drinking Buddha’s take on this study is it is becoming more and more certain that stress kills. People who drink moderately in this study had a mortality rate 20% less than non drinkers and heavy drinkers. I believe this is because people who drink heavily add a lot of stress to their lives due to the fact that drinking heavily stresses the body and the people around them. Also people who do not drink do not have the stress release that can come with a good beer after a long hard day of work. After a stressful day there is almost nothing better than just sitting down in my favorite chair and drinking a good beer. I can just feel the stress melt away. Good beer drinking is not using beer as an escape from reality. Drinking to escape can lead to becoming a heavy drinker. Drinking to relax and add joy to your life is the way to live a joyful beer-filled life!
What do you think about this study?

Drink beer and be merry!

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